Seabird Tracking Database

The BirdLife International Seabird Tracking Database is the largest collection of seabird tracking data in existence. It serves as a central store for seabird tracking data from around the world and aims to help further seabird conservation work and support the tracking community. Read more about the BirdLife Marine Programme here.

Seabirds are one of the most threatened groups of birds. However, because of their highly dispersed and mobile ecology, their distributions and behaviour at-sea are not well understood. Remote tracking data, such as that held here, are therefore vital to help understand how they use the oceans and identify important sites for their conservation.

Originally called Tracking Ocean Wanderers, this database brings together data from a range of seabird species and families, has been made possible entirely though the unique collaboration of seabird scientists from around the world. The website has been developed to build links between data owners and their data, as well as provide tools to support data submission and standardising as well as to foster further seabird conservation work.

Data can be searched and viewed (subject to owner's permissions) within the site, but actual access to tracking data is restricted within a request process. Data contributors are provided with direct access to their data via profile pages, where their data can be searched, edited and downloaded. If you have data to submit but are not yet a registered user please click on the profile page and you will be directed accordingly.

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